IT Security Auditing

We at NetworkOne have advised some of New Zealand’s largest companies on system security, demonstrated faults in real-time and have advised and performed appropriate fixes. We specialise in approaching security as an attacker of your system would and identify ways to reduce your company’s vulnerability to cyber attacks while minimising impact to your existing business processes.

Some of the companies we’ve advised on security related issues in the past include a major NZ bank, TradeMe and The Warehouse, as well as government and military organisations in both New Zealand and abroad. We’ve also worked with several small businesses as our rates are highly competitive and we explain things in a way that makes sense to whomever we deal with, whether it’s your IT security staff or the board.

We are experts at identifying vulnerable networks, servers and websites and offer practical advice on how to improve each system. In most cases, we can fix the issues for you too.

Contact us today for an obligation free discussion about your security concerns and how we can help.